About Us


Background of the Council

The National Council of People Living with HIV/AIDS (NACOPHA) is a nationally recognized organ responsible for representing the issues and concerns of PLHIV in Tanzania. It is the highest coordination body for all organizations and groups of PLHIV in Tanzania. Its overall goal is to strengthen the national voice of people living with HIV and AIDS. It was officially registered in September 2005 as a non-partisan, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization by the registrar of societies under the Ministry of home affairs with the Certificate of registration No.13269.

NACOPHA is relatively new in existence never the less; the Council is faced with many challenges in its quest to be the national representative voice and the peak organ in coordinating the issues and activities of PLHIV in the country, revolving around the following key areas:

  1. Improved capacity of PLHIV CSOs to effectively implement their programs and activities aimed at improving the condition of their health
  2. Lack of ability of PLHIV to participate fully in social, economic and political activities
  3. Stigma and discrimination as a result of the effects of HIV and AIDS
  4. Lack of good understanding of the human rights issues for PLHIV

NACOPHA’s Strategic Plan has an objective that essentially address the above mentioned key areas and other related issues. It expects to utilize an understanding of the Council’s background, experience and strengths of its stakeholders to marshal its resources and energies all its constituent parts to meet the present as well as any ensuring challenges.

Day to day activities of the Council are managed by the secretariat headed by the Chief Executive Officer who reports to the Board of Directors charged with the overall governance issues, strategic planning and policies. The General Meeting is the highest body in the decision making process of the Council.


To have a Nation where People Living with HIV and AIDS live a quality Life and Enjoy all Basic Human Rights.


To provide Leadership and coordinate actors’ efforts through evidence based advocacy and Capacity strengthening towards a vibrant engagement and visibility of PLHIV.


We strongly believe that the key strategy to fighting HIV/AIDS pandemic is by Greater Involvement of People living with HIV/AIDS in planning and implementation of different programs against HIV/AIDs and recognition of the rights of people living with HIV/AIDs in Tanzania.


NACOPHA is guided by the shared vision and mission; however, for better alignment of these, NACOPHA has developed core values that are committed to live by.


We are committed to be stewards of resources entrusted to us by our stakeholders, and use them in performing our duties in a rational manner and taking responsibility for all our actions, by conducting our business in a transparent manner.

Culture of Excellence

We strive to set challenging goals, excel in all our endeavors and innovations so as to deliver the best outcomes possible.

Gender Equality

We stand against all situations that deny right to decisions, power sharing and equal access to resources between men and women. We are fair, honest and open in all matters related to affairs of the Council

Respect for Human Rights and dignity

We respect the inherent inalienable rights of all human beings in all the dealings of the Council while upholding high moral principles in conducting our duties.


We generate among the members and the society the spirit of participation in carrying out social and economic engagement based on free will for the common good.


We are ethical, transparent, and accountable for our efforts and maintain consistently high standard.